What we offer

At the Curzon school.
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Yr 4-6 multi sports.
This is an opportunity for students to learn lots of different games and sports. We look at learning what different skills we can use and translate into different sports. Tennis, Basket Ball, Cricket, Rounders, Bench Ball, Hand Ball, Hockey, Athletics... you name it we'll play it.

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Yr 4-6 Card and Board club.
This club is aimed as an opportunity to allow students to learn and play games that they may not have played before. Card and board games both involve critical thinking strategies alongside being great fun! Board games such as Monopoly, Cluedo, Battle ships, Chess and more will be on offer. Card games will include Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Uno and others. Students will always be more than welcome to bring in games of their own for us to try.


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Yr 1-3 Football
Wednesdays bring the opportunity to develop your football skills and learn about the game, with the main focus on having fun and working together. A great club for learning to work as a team and joke around with friends whilst learning.


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Yr 4-6 football 
These sessions aim to develop your footballing ability, working on all parts of the game from basic passing, up to set plays and team tactics. Linking these practices in with a variety of fun games aimed to develop skills and understanding.


Yr 6 Netball Club 
Despite popular opinion Netball is not just for girls, whilst at Primary School make the most of the opportunity to play this great game competitively. Curzon has a great history of always having had a fun and strong netball club/team.